Behind Creatively Constructed

Welcome to Creatively Constructed, a little insight into my creative side and my woodworking passion. I created this site as a way to share some of the things I’ve been creating. Including some helpful how-tos and guides so hopefully you’ll get the same enjoyment out of these projects as I did. You’ll find guides for DIY homemade projects and hopefully some helpful tips and tricks along the way!

A little about me. My name is Cassie, I’m a Structural Engineer in Training and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty neat stuff both professionally and academically. I’ve always tried to stretch out my creative side, through dance, drawing, and other DIY projects. Like many other people when COVID-19 hit I was laid-off. I turned to projects around the house and new hobbies to keep myself busy. I found the idea for my first woodworking project on Pinterest and I fell in love with everything about it. From there I was able to use my engineering background with my new found love for woodworking and started designing my own projects. And Creatively Constructed was born! Being able to use everything I’ve learned with a new found passion re-invigorated me and now the creative juices won’t stop flowing!

Here at Creatively Constructed I want to help you find your DIY passion and get your creative juices flowing. These DIY guides are written to help you with the projects I’ve done that may seem interesting to you. It’s my sincere hope that these help you find the same inspiration I found while doing them. 

Take a look around and explore!


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